Luxury touch

Tin capsule, when this precious material meets our 100% Made in Italy tradition, the result is a capsule of great value. The most precious closure.

A tradition that distinguishes us.

From the very beginning, the production of tin capsules is one of the main strengths of Mondial Capsule. Thanks to our technologically advanced systems and the use of the best raw materials, our tin capsules perfectly fit to any bottleneck. With varnishing, screen printing and printing, the capsule can be fully decorated and customized to obtain a modern, original and unique closure.

Create your own distinctive sign.

Many possible processes, to satisfy your every need:
  • Colour with spray ink one by one
  • Screen printing to customize top and skirt
  • Top embossing
  • Coloured top printing
  • Horizontal tear tab with pre-scoring of the material
  • Continuous or discontinuous rings


The perfect closure.

Flexibility, adaptability, practicality: these are the characteristics of our POLIWINE polylaminate capsules. Perfect for any type of bottleneck.

Strength and elasticity: the perfect union

From the union between the strength of aluminium and the elasticity of polyethylene, we have created a range of products that are perfectly fit to all types of bottles.

Capsules fit for every need, ideal for those products that make packaging their distinctive feature.

Thanks to an extraordinary elasticity and ductility, they perfectly decorate each bottleneck, respecting the productivity needs of every bottle plant.

The polylaminate capsule offers a rich range of colours and various processing and finishing possibilities. Our modern equipment allows us to produce perfectly printed capsules, both on top and on skirt.

Many processes, a unique product.

Many different processes with the aim to fulfill your desires:
  • Ink printing with FLEXO/ROTO technology
  • Hot printing in multiple colours on the top and on the skirt
  • Embossing
  • Coloured embossing
  • Horizontal tear tab
  • Continuous or discontinuous ring


Our seal

Heat-shrinkable PVC capsules designed to fit to every type of requirement, with great elasticity and closing capacity. A seal for your bottle.

Technology and flexibility.

Mondial Capsule heat -shrinkable PVC capsules are perfectly fit to a wide range of bottlenecks and can be used for wine bottles, olive oil and other liquids, up to being used in the pharmaceutical field.

The customizable ink and hot stamping allow you to combine the other packaging elements of the bottle and create a unique, completely personalized identity.

Thanks to its modern and highly technological equipment, we can offer a product that perfectly fits to the most modern and fast bottling lines and machinery.

Born to fulfill your wishes.

Many different processes to satisfy your requests:
  • Ink printing with FLEXO/ROTO technology
  • Hot stamping in multiple colours on tops and skirts
  • Embossing
  • Coloured embossing
  • Horizontal tear tab