The spirit closure

Polylaminate capsules designed for spirits, to enhance the character and the soul of the precious product they protect.

Style, precision, perfection.

Style, precision, attention to every single detail: the top of perfection in a collection designed and dedicated to the world of spirits. Years of research that allowed us to develop highly customizable products in colours, shapes and finishes.

Many processes, a unique product.

Many different processes and customizations, to be studied and analysed with our team, starting from the choice of material: tin or heat-shrinkable PVC. The tin capsules can be customized with spray ink colouring, silkscreen printing, embossed or coloured top printing, horizontal or vertical tear-tab. The heat -shrinkable PVC capsules can be customized with FLEXO/ROTO ink printing in different colours, colour free or coloured embossing, horizontal or vertical tear tab.