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The wirehoods : between technique and aesthetics

In order to offer to our customers always the best products, Mondial Capsule mounted tecnologically advanced machineries, managed by a team of engineers and professional technicians to guarantee an excellent standard of the product. Our wirehoods fit to sparkling and champagne wine bottles. In the field of modern packaging, wirehood plays an important role: the care in the colour range, the printing of logos and writings always made with the best technical performances, in order to get the highest visual effect contribute to embellish your bottle.

Available wirehoods :


  • Galvanized or coloured wire and free belt: made only with wire without cap on the top.

  • Galvanized or coloured wire with plain top: the top can be in different standard colours: silver, gold, green, red, black, blue, white, or, on customer’s request, colured with the pantone colours.

  • Galvanized or coloured wire with printed top: the top can be printed with the logo of the winery. Color of the top: standard or from “pantone”.