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Champagne Hoods


Capsule Spumante

The ideal hood for every sparkling wine

The champagne hoods are manufactured in polylaminate or aluminium, and are used for the sparkling wine packaging. The champagne hoods present both am aesthetical and technical problem. Owing to this reason, Mondial Capsule manufactured a complete series of products that perfectly fit to every bottle. Aluminium and polylaminate capsules, with a wide cromatic variety; special mechanical manufacturing, together with the common hot printing usually print on the skirt, allows to personalize the champagne hood on customer’s request. We are talking about the embossing, or the “grecatura”- folds on the top of the capsules - the holes making rhomboidal pierced figures. The new equipments allow to manufacture hoods with a higher finishing level, and with a peculiar personalization: an elegant tear tab, the chamfered angle of the top, the hot printing with three colours perfectly registered on the skirt transform the champagne hood in a precious accessory for your bottles.


  • Ink printing

  • Hot printing

  • Embossed hot printing

  • Blind stamping

Skirt :

  • Pvc or aluminium horizontal tear-tab

  • Pvc or aluminium spiral tear-tab

  • “Butterfly” opening

  • Cut out opening, obtained with the perforation of the material

  • Diamond shaped embossing,or orange peel skin embossing

  • Ink printing

  • Hot printing

  • Embossed hot printing

  • Medallion

  • Continuous spacer ring

  • Interrupted  spacer ring

  • Holes

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