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PVC Capsules

Capsule PVC

The PVC capsules: continuous innovation for competitiveness

Often, the modern oenological industry has to find a difficult equilibrium between the aestethics and the control of  the costs, above all when it has to face the big distribution, where the right relationship between quality and price is the main element.

The shinkrable PVC capsules perfectly fit to a wide range of bottles and containers, can be used in the oenological and  pharmaceutical field, for oil, liquor and distillate. The wide possibility to customize with ink and hot printing allow to match it with the other packaging elements of the bottle. Thanks to its modern and highly technical equipments, Mondial Capsule offers a product that perfectly works with the most modern and quick machines.

Capsules features:

Top :

  • Ink embossed printing

  • Hot embossed printing

  • Flat ink printing

  • Flat hot printing

  • Blind stamping

  • Holes

  • Cork finish top

  • Without cork finish top

Skirt :

  • Horizontal and vertical tear tab

  • Perforation holes

  • Hot printing

  • Ink printing


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