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Manufacturing process

Processo Produttivo

Tin capsule

Mondial Capsule srl is the only Italian factory that manufactures tin capsules. The first step of the tin capsules manufacturing starts melting the tin ingots in our own rolling installation. Once melt, the tin is transformed into a thin sheet. The tin sheets pass under the presses and through the drawbenches, and then, thanks to deep-drawing are transformed in capsules. In the painting and printing department, the tin capsules are personalized with background colours, screen printing and branding with the logo of the winery. Thanks to its wide range of tin capsules, Mondial Capsule offers to its customers capsules that perfectly fit both to standard size bottles and special size bottles.

Polylaminate capsule

The polylaminate capsules are made with a layer of aluminium - polylaminate – aluminium. The raw material, aluminium and polylaminate, are bought in coils from or selected suppliers and worked in a special machine called “coupler machine”, that glues them together thanks to a hot gluing process. The semiprocessed material is painted with background colours, and customized following the customer’s request. Mondial Capsules owns the most advanced machines for the production of capsules for still and sparkling wines, that allow to further personalize the final product on the top and on the skirt. The advanced and modern technology of its equipments, together with an high manufacturing capacity, allow Mondial Capsule to satisfy also important orders, keeping the same qualitative levels of products.

PVC capsule

The shinkrable capsules are made starting from the raw materials bought in reels from factories specialized in PVC production. The reels of raw material pass into the rotary printing machine for the background painting and for the first personalization made with the printing cylinders. The semiprocessed material is sent to the moulding machines, where, thanks to the thermoretraction on conical mandrels the capsules are moulded. Then, an aluminium disc is glued on the capsule top. The PVC capsules can be customized with hot printing both on the skirt and on the top.