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Polylaminate Capsules


The polylaminate capsule: a modern elegance

Thanks to the perfect union between the strenght of aluminium and the elasticity of the polyethylene,  Mondial Capsule obtained a range of products that particularly fit to those bottles that have a distinctive feature in the packaging too. Applied on the bottle neck as the tin capsule, thanks to its extraordinary elasticity and ductility, perfectly decorates every model of bottle, respecting the requirements of productivity of every bottling plant. The polylaminate capsule offers a rich range of colours. Our modern equipments enable us to manufacture perfectly printed capsules, both on top and skirt.


  • Embossed ink printing

  • Hot printing

  • Ink flat printing

  • Hot flat printing

  • Blind stamping

  • Holes

  • with cork finish top

  • without cork finish top


  • horizontal tear-tab made with the material pre-incision

  • hot printing

  • ink printing

  • interrupted spacer ring

  • continuous spacer ring